Andrew Bell, ” Missing in Action: Civilians, Urban Warfare, and the Critical Gap in U.S. Military Doctrine,” Parameters (forthcoming).

Andrew Bell, “Military Culture and the Sources of Battlefield Restraint: Examining the Ugandan Civil Wars,Security Studies, Vol. 25, No. 3 (July 8, 2016), 488-518. Accepted Manuscript.

Andrew Bell, “Military Culture, Training, and Compliance with the Law of War: Evidence from the U.S. Military Academy and Army ROTC,” American Society of International Law 2014 Proceedings (2015).

Andrew Bell, Using Force against the Weapons of the Weak: Examining a Chemical-Biological Weapons Usage Criterion for Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention under the Responsibility to Protect, 22 Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law 261 (2013-2014).

Under Review

“Civilians, Combined Arms Operations, and the ‘Combatant Trilemma’: Examining Training at the U.S. Military Academy and Army ROTC.”

Draft Completed

“Officer Training and Small-Unit Conduct: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of U.S. Army Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Draft in Writing

“Chemical Weapons, Civilian Victimization, and Military Effectiveness: Examining the Syrian and Libyan Conflicts” (with Brian McQuinn)

“Urban Warfare, Military Training, and the ‘Combatant Trilemma’: Examining Philippine Army Operations in Marawi.”

“Ideology, Training, and the Law of Armed Conflict: Examining U.S. Army Surveys” (with Thomas Gift).

“What is ‘Collateral Damage’? Examining the Proportionality Standard through Combatant Surveys” (with the U.S. Army and the Philippine Army).

“Who is a Combatant? Examining Combatant Views of ‘Direct Participation’ under the Law of Armed Conflict” (with the U.S. Army and the Philippine Army).